Crop hoodie

Being the Trendsetter With Stylish Cropped Hoodies


“A woman must be two things, classy and fabulous.”

Style is a matter of personal style and taste. It involves selecting the appropriate colour, fit, and material. New collections are released every day, and fashion is a dynamic process. Numerous advancements have been made in the fashion business, from traditional clothing to western attire. The trend has been evolving from bell bottoms to torn jeans, jackets and hoodies to body-hugging fits. There is a difference between passing fashion fads and classic style when it comes to hoodies. High-quality custom hoodies are the popular trend these days and women find them stylish and comfortable.

Fashionably current attire is always in style, and the trend is constantly evolving as the latest fashion trend replaces the previous one.

Why Cropped Hoodies Are The Latest Trend?

Women like to be trendy. Not all women are the same, though, and some of them prefer the simplistic and fashionable look with a premium custom hoodie. Cropped hoodies are a style that practically every woman can wear.

You might have seen women wearing trendy, cropped hoodies everywhere you look these days. But are they really trendy or just another trend that will go away any time soon?

Many women today are opting in for high quality custom hoodies and premium custom.  Trendy women’s cropped hoodies are a new fashion trend round the year. They come in all colours and styles, but most loved and preferred are either the white or the pink cropped hoodies with custom logo or text.

A perfect outfit

Cropped hoodies are the ideal blend of style and sophistication. It makes you look classy and trendy, thus a perfect outfit. In contrast to regular-length hoodies, they appear to be very fashionable outfits, especially when worn with a pair of high-waist narrow fit jeans.

The traditional long tops for leggings are out of fashion these days. With the latest athleisure and street style trends, premium custom hoodies with leggings give the perfect look. These cropped hoodies also go well with joggers and other pants, they have become very fashionable.

Being the trendsetter

From famous Bollywood fashion divas like Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Shilpa Shetty to models like Bella Hadid many celebrities have joined this trend.

A cropped hoodie is a stylish alternative to a regular hoodie, giving elegance while keeping you warm, thus making you the trendsetter.


A cropped hoodie is a stylish way to stay warm in the winter months without sacrificing your personal style. If you are looking for some trendy and styling cropped hoodies that are high quality custom hoodies at an affordable price, check out our collections at Mijoons. Premium custom hoodies to women’s favourite pink cropped hoodie, we have them all and at a price that you will be surprised.