Hello there!! Welcome to the world of Mijoons. We are the apparel company with a difference.

Mijoons is the brand owned by TrimBay Designs Private Ltd

The Mijoons Story

Zuvell is made of two words – Zuv which means Towards, and El which means Elegance. When they come together, this name speaks about our dream to create a trendy, elegant and fashion-forward community. Our quality products are designed to let you express the magic inside you. It helps give wings to the passion and inspiration that burns within the youth of our country. Through Zuvell, we want to create a platform where young Indians can create unique, wear elegant and live content. Zuvell was born in the year 2018, when four creative friends came together with the vision of creating a fashion-forward platform for youth that sells good-quality apparel and also provides them a platform to display their own creativity. Propelled by their love for the idea, they transitioned from their high-paying jobs in Banking & Finance industry and began a deep dive into the world of fashion. In their exploration, they discovered unlimited possibilities, which they bring to you through Zuvell. 

What makes Mijoons different?



We know the joy of holding a beautifully made t-shirt with good-quality fabric and the delight of a good service experience. We believe that things made with care are the love letter of the maker to the user. This is why we speak the language that would delight our customers the most - quality. With special care given to choosing the right fabrics, the right pigments and the right dyes, you can be sure that every product that comes out of the Mijoons experience is going to be delightful. Be ready to have an unforgettable shopping experience with us.



We, at Mijoons, know well what the call of passion is. Having left our high-paying, comfortable jobs to pursue the dream of creating a fashion & creativity platform, we know how enriching and rewarding it is to go after something that you love. In everything we do, we strive to infuse a play and passion, that only comes when one is engaged in something they truly love. We want our products to become a vehicle of that energy and touch lives wherever they reach. Whether it be wearing a t-shirt of a show that inspired you or sporting a bag that makes you feel more like yourself, Mijoons is your destination for fashion and passion.



Give free rein to your sparkling imagination. We know you're not just another one in the crowd. Whether it be your style or your ideas, you enjoy expressing your individuality. That’s precisely why you're going to love our designs. They are fun, quirky and fabulous. The whole idea is to make designs that allow you to wear what you love and to express your inner magic through your style. Add to this the Mijoons Custom Designing Tool and oh, boy, sky’s the limit for you!

If you can dream it, you can make it!

Brands We Partner With

Mijoons Custom Designing Tool

Mijoons brings you the gift of creativity. Let your mind explore the unlimited possibilities with our Custom Designing Tool. We have a wide range of trendy, new, stylish fashions, but you do not have to be limited to just these. With this tool, you can simply upload your own creation – mix, match and create products that are absolutely, uniquely you. Mijoons’s Custom Designing Tool is your ultimate playground. It gives you the power to create your very own custom designs and add a personal touch to your purchases.

Our team is based out of India & UAE, while all the products are Made in India.