Choose the perfect top for leggings

Fashion keeps changing and it’s up to you to follow or not follow the trend. However, depending on your comfortability you can try out new and different ways to dress up for any event. Fashion is the most unique way of self-expression at a particular place in a specific context with clothing, accessories, footwear, and body postures. India is well known for its diversity in food, language, tradition and even in dressing.


Clothing is all about comfort and style when you wear it. Do you know which is the comfiest and trending outfit for office and festivals? Leggings are the comfiest type of outfit which goes well with any kind of top. At Mijoons, you find a variety of long sleeve tops that can match any of your outfits.


What are leggings?

The legging is extremely comfortable clothing in your wardrobe to wear throughout the year irrespective of season, event, festival, or occasion. The legging is a very thick and warm outfit that fits and covers your leg. Leggings are suitable with a wide range of long tops for any occasion. You must first know what type of legging will fit you and make you look more stylish. Your wardrobe must also have some bright colour leggings which can match any type of long sleeve tops


Leggings go well with long tops to make you look beautiful and stylish apart from other outfits. You can try different tops  in combination to set a trend.

  • Hoodie crop with leggings:  One of the most stylish trendy tops is a hoodie crop, best suitable for winter with shiny shimmer nylon leggings to hang out and capture a cool stunning look.
  • Long tops with leggings:  Long sleeve tops for leggings give a cool Indian traditional look which is much more suitable and comfortable for occasions like weddings and festivals.
  • Printed tops:  Printed full-sleeve shirts with a broad belt along with light colour leggings are best suitable for your business meetings to impress your audience. 



Styling is something each of us know, but we need to find it and modify ourselves according to the new trending world. If you want to have a trendy outfit which is more comfortable, you can find it very easily at Mijoons. Mijoons also help you design your shirt to twin up for any event. Mijoons has trendy collections suitable for both men and women like sweatshirtsprinted full-sleeve shirts, hoodies, and more, for a perfectly stylish look.