Raglan Shirts – The must-have in every man’s wardrobe

What is different about the Raglan shirt? What is unique about this fashion which makes it timeless? And why should you know about them?

Known after Lord Reglan, a British Army Officer who lived in the 19th century was having a unique coat stitched for him. Lord Reglan wanted to increase his range of motion while using his sword in battle. This stitch or design later became popularly known as the raglan style. Therefore, the term ‘Reglan’ refers to the style rather than the material it is made from.

In Raglan tees/shirts one piece of sleeves extends to the collar. This leads to a diagonal seam from the collar to the underarm unlike the usual stitch from shoulder to underarm. Around 100 years later, Major League Baseball (MLB) adopted the Reglan style though they were yielding a bat instead of a sword.

After its return to popularity, the raglan was transformed and popularized in the fashion world to give rise to various permutations and combinations. Designs with white along the length of the body and coloured sleeves tee became fashionable. Taking it a step further, designers and t-shirt manufacturers got more creative with more options for the raglan model such as short sleeve, and long-sleeved style t-shirts with multiple colours and patterns, etc.

Thus, the raglan sleeve t-shirt is a product of creativity. With its classic feel and cool feature, this type of garment is usually intended to wear by all the people involved in sports activities. Fabrics like knitted or jersey (single or double) are suitable, because of the comfort of wearing this dress and will also enhance the aesthetic appearance. Being unisex wear, both men and women will usually wear this dress.

Wear regular shirts with streetwear or e that radiates a youthful feel. The key is to go the simple route, instead of anything overly chic or overly urban. In present days, raglan shirts are adaptable enough to make their style seen on sweatshirts, pullovers, and so much more.

Raglan sleeves flatter men with broader shoulders since they exaggerate their upper arms. For midsection types, due to the looser body of the shirt, it is flattering for a range of body features. Most raglan sleeves could be of pull-off type. The flat-brim cap is a nice accessory that complements a subtle edge to what would have been an otherwise wholesome aesthetic.

Due to their looks owing to the unique stylish colours and sleeves, Reglan t-shirts give that bold look with no compromise in flexibility. Reglan t-shirts come with a round or v-neck. With a collar is very rare and distractive too. To get a cool feel go with 3/4th trousers; it adds up to your style.

Why raglan shirts are a must.

  • There is a sense of relaxation due to its athletic fit which is comfortable whether you’re participating in outdoor games and workouts or just wearing it casually.
  • Spandex in the materials used for Reglan shirts, adds to the comfort of wearing at the same time fits too to make this shirt exceedingly lightweight and aerated.
  • It features a simple and flexible style that can be paired with any casual pants and shoes.
  • Suits during hot days or sweaty workouts without having to worry about odour due to its antimicrobial technology.


Reglan shirts, which have over two centuries of legacy in their origin, are more about the style than the fabric. As time evolved, so is the extension of this style into other apparel. Copying Reglan style to modern fashionable outfits, Designers and manufacturers have kept enlivening this old fashion.