Hotcake of the season – printed shirts


Managing your personal style versus a professional routine work outfit is generally easier to say than done. No matter if your workplace has a casual coworking space or it is a true corporate setting, work outfit ideas have to be precise, in compliance with office dress codes, and above all in comfort for workers. It should not appear that going to work is a pain only because you have to decide on a new dress to wear every day. The workplace environment has to ensure that people love getting dressed and coming to work.

On days, when you have business or client meetings or presentations then that is a call for a change of style from your routine when compared to other days. On some days you may have a dinner to attend, a casual or office party, a wedding, or a concert lined up after your to-do list ends. On such occasions, you have the choice to look like yourself and dress up according to your wish and preferred style.

Why Mijoons?

No matter what the occasion is, there are always multiple different occasions that will be lined up and would demand a new and unique outfit. This is where we at Mijoons come into the picture as we strongly believe that you could make your youthful self lively and fun-loving with our wide range of apparels that are just rightly designed and be handy for any occasion that comes your way.

On an occasion such as the Bachelor’s Party when a man is getting married in the next couple of months, you would want to plan and enjoy your bachelor party with a fun-loving cocktail event with an agenda to enjoy the best, and at the time look well-established and set the right tone for the evening. With all your classy group of friends around, we at Mijoons could ensure that you have unrestricted fun together when you choose our collection of Printed T-Shirts or men’s crew neck which could also be a good option. You could simply follow the latest trend and team them up with a blazer giving it a semi-formal look. However, the hotcake for the season are the Printed T-Shirts from Mijoons.

Men’s Shirts:

For casual wear, regular office wear, or party wear you could go for Full Sleeve T-shirt, Hoodie, Polo T-shirts, Printed T-Shirts, Raglan T-shirt, and Sweatshirts, all of the above available in our collection.

Women’s Shirts:

Women too have a wide range of collections to choose from. They could select from Crew Neck, Hoodie, Hoodie Crop,Pink cropped hoodie, Women’s basic Long Tops for leggings(Long Tops are available in black, grey melange, and navy blue), Printed T-Shirts, and Raglan T-shirt.

As the winter season is around, you also have premium custom hoodies and high-quality custom hoodies.

Welcome to the world of Mijoons. An apparel company with a difference. We firmly believe in three factors namely Quality, Passion, and Creativity.


Mijoons Custom Designing Tool is designed to bring out the gift of creativity in you.  We allow your mind to explore the unlimited possibilities available at our Custom Designing Tool. Here you have a choice to explore our wide range of trendy, new, unique, and stylish fashions. All you need to do is use this tool to simply upload your creation. You could mix and match apparel collections, and create new products based on your design in mind that is truly uniquely you. Mijoons’s Custom Designing Tool is your ultimate playground where you can test and try various options of your choice. This gives you the ultimate power to create your very own custom designs. It offers a sense of satisfaction and thereby, adding a personal touch to all of your purchases.

We have our team based in India & UAE, but all the products are Made in India.